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Montana Artists Links
Painters, Sculpters, Photographers etc

Artists are listed alphabeticly by their last names..

Most of these sites have some great pictures that show their works. So even if you can't make to Montana to view their work in person, you can see it online. Know of a site that should be included let us know. What is art? If it brings enjoyment, makes you stop and ponder, makes that space better, and makes your mind wander, that is art!


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Judy Arledge; Basketry artist, respected art teacher. Her work has been accepted for museum shows in a number of major American cities—one piece was selected for a journey to Latvia, representing "Artists for Peace." Recently her signature basket "Spirit Bear" was chosen to be a part of a collection of special pieces of Montana art to represent Missoula in our New Zealand sister city, Palmerston-North. Several galleries have shown her work and she has been featured in Sundance Catalog. As an educator, she has presented programs for schools, to share the important history and tradition of basketry for all nations and people.

Daryl Asher; Photography; quote,"Through my technique with Polaroid Transfer photography, I strive to create images that are both unique and familiar at once. The aged look of the images helps them to exist outside of any particular time."

Cindy R Betka; Oil painter ---- This opening quote from her website takes it all in, "The focus of my paintings narrows in on the natural environment of Montana. Using all of my artistic skills to pass on God's beauty and good." Check out her landscapes that bring out the natural beauty of plant life. Her portraits, some of which have farm animals that steal the show, give a nice glimps of that rural Montana life.

Joe Boddy; Illustrator/Sculptor/Painter, Montana --- Joe grew up within a five minute walk to Sourdough Creek where it wanders into Bozeman Montana. That proximity to nature left an indelible mark on his artistic soul. After earning a degree in art from Montana State University and pursing graduate studies at the University of Montana, Joe began his career as a graphic designer and art director for a number of advertising agencies across the country, culminating as head of the graphic arts and promotion department for Lee Enterprises in Missoula Montana. 

Painting and sculpting have always been a part of Joe’s creative life. His fine art has been featured in national juried shows and exhibitions across the country, including the prestigious National Sculpture Society’s Annual Exhibition. Married to Marlys Boddy.

Marlys Boddy; Clay Sculpture, Montana --- A native of Montana, Marlys grew up in a family where art was always encouraged. Marlys earned her degree in Fine Art from Montana State University where she met her future husband and fellow art major. She raised three children, worked as a business manager, wrote children's books, and experimented with various forms of art.  

A surprise gift of a kiln and several pounds of clay was the beginning of her career as a sculptor.  She knew she had finally found the perfect medium to express her take on humanity. Check out her work on her website. Married to Joe Boddy.

Mari Bolen; Bronze Sculpter, Bitterroot Valley --- She scupts the old and the new west. In an art career that has spanned 40+ years, she has been a television, motion picture and theater art director, packaging designer, restoration expert and sculptor. Her career began in 1964 as art director of Montana State University's Film and TV Dept. and the Zoology Dept, as well as free-lance work for the Dept. of Fish and Game. Moving into the private sector, she became art director for independent television stations in Arizona and California, as well as free-lance work for network TV. She also taught sculpture at extension classes for the University of California, San Jose Unified School District and Adult Education.

Sallie Bowen; Painter, Sallie Bowen's artwork reflects her philosophy: "To participate in art is to celebrate life. Our short existence demands that we give full attention to art and to life. Being an artist is both an honor and a responsibility to spend time wisely in producing the best work." She also teaches. Check out samples of her work.

Mark Bryant Photography, Missoula, Montana --He has been offering architectural, commercial, fine art, and portrait photography in Missoula, Montana for over 25 years. Check out the many samples of his work on his website.

Brad Bunkers; Acrylic on Canvass, Livingston Montana; Through art Brad Bunkers surveys the elemental emotions found within the human experience. Distorted contours, blank, mask-like faces, and engaging gestures convey subtle but intense emotions. By mimicking the composition of amateur photography, an intimacy is created between the subject and the viewer, which is direct and at times awkward. The characters in the paintings are archetypal, lacking distinct features and individual definition, at the same time reminding the viewer of a specific person or place. Site contains samples of his work. See his work at the Danforth Gallery in Livingston, Montana.



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Mark Chase; Airbrush Artist specializing in custom motorcycles. Mark Chase is the owner and artist at Madshadow Custom Paint. He has been painting in one form or another since taking an automotive repair/refinish course in 1977. Since then he spent many years running a large commercial paint facility specializing in aerospace finishing. In addition he has carried the title of a Quality Engineer and most recently as a Brand Manager for Wizards of the Coast. In this last position he was fortunate to work with many talented artists and designers. Check out samples of his work on his website. He speciaizes in vivid graphic imagery and design; his bikes are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, featuring everything from warriors, wolves and women, to dragons, skulls and flames.

Patrick Clark; Photographer, Missoula, Montana. He uses both film and digital cameras to produce his work illustrate his ideas. His work credits include American Heritage, Parade, Mens Journal, PC, Good Housekeeping, Cowboys and Indians, Outdoor and Travel Photography, Horizon Air, Montanan, Food & Wine, MSNBC and many more. Commercial clients of his include Microsoft, Honda, IBM, British Airways, Columbia Records, McGraw Hill, Duracell, Hallmark, and many more.

James Corwin; Oil Painter, landscapes, wildlife and urban. Kalispell, Montana ---- Montana State University sophmore pursuing degrees in Art Education, Studio Art and Art History. Participated in a 2-year International Art Program Much of his artwork has been realism paintings, but over the past year, he has begun to incorporate a more loose approach to the construction of his paintings, focusing on more then just the shape and color of objects, as well as atmosphere. Awards he has earned include Best artist of Flathead High School, Featured in "Emerging Artist 2010" exhibit in The Hockaday Museum of Art, Most Outstanding Freshman Artist Award - Marietta College

Delmer Cox; Sculptor, Wood worker, photographer, architecture, Livingston, Montana --- His main business is architecture, an art form in its self, but click on his "workshop" and "photography" links on his page to view another creative side of him.

Monte Dolack; Painter, poster art, etc. Check out his gallery in Missoula, Montana. Also included on this site is artist Mary Beth Percival. He will always be known for his duck pictures, but there is a kind of joy to be had in how he views Montana in general.

Anna Duderstadt; Works with Raku, Mosaics, Tile, Bead Sets, Jewelry, and more. Belgrade, Montana --- Born in Bozeman, Montana. Lived in various parts of the states as well as in Thailand and the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has studied in Texas, the Virgin Islands, and Montana State in Bozeman. see her work in person at the Rocking DC Studio and Gallery in Belgrade.

Ani Eastwood; Florence, Montana. She has been pationate about painting, drawing, and nature since growing up in Missoula. Projects include studio oil painting, embellished giclee prints, murals, t-shirts, and sign graphic arts. She is also starting a giclee printing service in Missoula for artist and photographers to market their work in a much more affordable way.

Greg Eiselein; Check out his many fine paintings of some of the best of Montana scenery. Greg Eiselein is a Montana native born in Roundup in 1945.Through the mediums of oil painting, watercolor, and sculpture, Greg depicted a wide range of subjects including wildlife, Native Americans, and western living. Greg's deep appreciation of nature yields aesthetic scenes of dynamic compositon coupled with his sense of pure color and the talent to capture the light producing an impression that influences mood and emotion.


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Lisa Gibson; Lisa is a multi-media painter who focuses on floral paintings that are parallels of our life experiences. Bringing Joy and a New Focus through her work is her passion. Her home is shared in the mountains with her family and spoiled house rabbit.

Boyd Goff; Photographer, Eureka, Montana; He strives for a more candid aspect of photography by encouraging interaction allowing him to infuse candid moments with traditional portrature. He grew up in Montana and studied photography and graphic design at the university level. Check out his photography categories including weddings, families, golf courses, landscapes, wildlife, pets, and more.

Patti Gordon; Painter, Billings, Montana; Raised in Billings, Montana, the daughter of a dry-land wheat farmer. Patti's days on her family's farm have been the catalyst for her love of natural landscapes. She has had the opportunity to view many beautiful scenes abroad, as she traveled extensively throughout Europe with her husband, due to his military career. Patti began painting as a teenager and continued developing her skills throughout the years by taking painting classes, workshops, and tutoring from other artists. Her inspiration comes from her on-site observations of the natural environment as well as reference photos. The artist's work reflects realism and mood that often evokes a sense of calm and familiarity to the viewer. Patti's original oil paintings are in private collections across the United States and around the world.

Dan Greytak; Havre, Montana; Pencil artist of rural Americana scenes. Don grew up as a Montana farm boy, making his living as a rancher, a pilot, a designer-builder of horse and stock trailers, and a metal sculptor. Finally, for the last thirty years, the self-taught artist has worked as a full-time pencil illustrator, taking his inspiration from the richness of his Montana High Plains roots. He has the extraordinary ability to capture what is real and to find the spark of humor in down-to-earth situations.

Alana Hastings; Original Watar Colors and Oil Paintings. Most of her paintings, especially the watercolors, depict flowers. She likes to paint soft colors because these colors are soothing to the eye. Her oil paintings display stronger hues of color. When she paints, she trys to get the saturation of the color to lie on the canvas and then highlight it to give intensity. The brilliancy of outdoor light is what I am trying to relay to my viewers.

Connie Herberg, Shepard, Montana. Oil painter. She is a landscape artist, painting and living in the middle of my dream subject matter here in Montana. This "Big Sky Country" serves as a source of inspiration daily. The vast blue skies coupled with prairies, mountains and landscapes continue to be a source of awe. Her passion is fulfilled as I get to paint and live in this amazing western lifestyle.

Clark Heyler; Murals and Portraits. Kalispell, Montana. He started out painting signs in New Jersey. He has since studied at the Arts Students League in New York, and in Florence, Italy. His artwork is quite visible throughout Montana.

Amber Jean; Sculpter; Combining sculpture with function led to new successes. A carved bed she created for the Western Design Conference in 1999 was featured in the January 2000 issue of "Cowboys and Indians" magazine. Elizabeth Clair Flood wrote, "Admirers lost their breath when they spotted Jean's creation." Her work has also been included in the Simon and Schuster book titled "Cabin Fever", Chase Reynolds Ewald's "Cowboy Chic" as well as several nationally syndicated magazines. Recent exhibitions include The Smithsonian Art Train, the Art Museum of Missoula, and the Custer Art Museum.


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Dennis Lippert; Art Glass and Log Structures. Art glass clients have included Lucasfilm and the Montana State Capitol Building.

Shanna Mae; Wedding Photography and portraits. She has photographed over 100 weddings in the past 10 years. Her images have been published in several publications including Montana Outdoors, Cowboys and Indians, National Geographic Travel website, Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine and Montana Bride Magazine.

John K Mercer; Photographer. A fourth generation Montanan. At age 12 he began to experiment with a darkroom in the family basement. In 2008 he retired from a long career in wilderness and outdoor education and began pursuing photography full time. Awards won have included Danny On Memorial Scholarship for wilderness photography. His site contains countless images of the great Montana outdoors, animals, and more.

Heyoka Merrifield; He is a jeweler, sculpter, and author. Heyoka's jewelry is created with a fabrication technique, the way in which ancient jewelers constructed their pieces. Take a look.

Christa Morgan; Choteau, Montana. Morgan lives with her husband and three boys in a small town on the Rocky Mountain Front. Her inspiration comes from this beautiful state and from her childhood growing up on a Montana wheat farm. Glacier National Park is about 80 miles away and she and her family look forward to weekend visits with their camper.



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Rick Paris; Photographer, Florence. Rick’s photography reflects the respect he has for animals and our environment. He is currently involved in many organizations dealing with the education of the public in regards to the myths and rumors of animals. Although his focus was mainly on eagles and wolves his portfolio is ever expanding to include many birds, animals, scenic shots, people, events, weddings, kids and pet photography.

Mary Beth Percival; Water colors, See her work at the Dolack Gallery in downtown Missoula along with that of Monte Dolack. Striking watercolors which demonstrate her connection with Montana's Landscapes.

Nancy Quinn; After a life in several other places, Nancy and her family now call rural Montana home. She is an author and an artist. Her books include the winner of the 2018 Will Rogers Medallion Award  Bronze Medal, Go West Young Woman. And her art includes jewelry, ornaments, and wildlife drawings and more.

Stephen Rathburn; Oil Painer, Billings. With oil, he can express freedom and spontaneity and yet paint slower and methodically. His journey is far from over but heI fees lhe can now share it with others as he grows. Check out samples of his work on his website. Great outdoor scenes both in the wilds and views from the backyard.

Parks Reece; distinctive paintings, lithographs, and prints; Livingston Montana; Dubbed a "modern mythological surrealist," Reece fairly bristles at the label, yet acknowledges that "you have to have a classification and I seem to have been lumped in with the surrealists."Reece's parodies inject humor into subjects traditionally considered oh-so-serious and that has made him a hero of environmentalists and others who appreciate the complexities of the human role in our natural world. Site contains some wonderful examples of his work. View his work in at the Parks Reece Gallery at 119 S Main in Livingston.


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Robert Schlenker; (Big Sky Wildlife Art) Painter; Bozeman, Montana; Over the years Robert developed his artistic skills and soon focused on wildlife art. Robert moved to Montana more than 25 years ago and revels living in an area so rich with reference material for wildlife and landscape painting. While hiking, back country skiing, snowshoeing, and floating rivers Robert finds his artistic senses stimulated and his mind racing with images and ideas for new compositions.

Amber Rae Scally; Martinsdale, Montana. Painter, drawer. Many of the works are western themed. And she not only works on traditional paper formats but also works on skulls and works with letters. A quote from her site, "My best work comes when I get out of the way."

Roland Taylor; Photography;

Andrew Thomas; photographer, Billings, Montana. In his work he tells stories of light and matter dancing in the distance, as first filtered through a camera and then through his creative process. Each piece of work contains a piece of his heart and soul as it was indelibly stamped with the emotional connection he felt in the moment of capture. His images are a result of an insatiable desire to express himself in creative visual ways, the love of nature, and the exploration of the physical and non-physical world.

Leith Wimmer; Photographer, Glasgow; Montana wildlife and scenery; check out his great color photography of both Montana and the Washington DC area. He is currently serving in the United States Navy